About Us

Barbella StudiosĀ is a progressive, professional, salon-style body piercing studio. We strive for an unprecedented level of professionalism, service, and safety. Our unique style and friendly staff create an atmosphere which appeals to all ages and walks of life, making for a fun, interesting, and healthy experience. Every effort is taken to ensure personal care is available to every person who desires the best experience they can receive. We will, under any circumstances, bring prestige and quality competition to our industry.


Our Beginnings

The original Barbella opened it’s doors on March 15, 2002, in Fountain Valley, CA. It was the brainchild two close friends who saw the need for a conscientious, and professional body art studio, where comfort, customer service and safety would ALWAYS be a priority.

By 2005, Barbella’s second location in Costa Mesa, was running strong, and the Fountain Valley location was closed, so that all of our piercing staff could work under one roof, pooling their talents, and thus continuing our effort to bring our customers the best possible service.



Customer service and the overall experience of the customer is absolutely number one. Barbella is a place for every person of every age, from the 86 year old grandmother getting her ears pierced for the very first time to the young girl with her family watching her big sister getting pierced. There is no room for an unhappy staff member nor for a dissatisfied customer.



For customers, this means providing any and all information ensuring that a person both gets exactly what they want and knows what is best for their health. It is more important that a person walks away with knowledge and no service than a person walks away ignorant. For staff, this means ongoing education including training, seminars, and industry conferences to ensure the latest knowledge and techniques are applied.



Barbella will not be outdone in safety. Our cleaning, safety, and health standards should rival doctors, dentists, and other health professionals. We hold a high concern for the standards of safety in the industry and look forward to further state, county, and local regulation to ensure the health of both customers and staff members.